Monday, February 25, 2013

I Wanna be a Rockstar Mommy

Some days I am so on. Waking up feeling refreshed, making sure breakfast is made and lunches are packed. Through the chaos of getting out of the door on time, I don't freak out. Not even once. I even had time to shower and get dressed before we leave.

Most days I am so off. Hearing the alarm but wishing I could have thirty more minutes, throwing together some cereal and OJ after the kids have been up for who knows how long making messes in their rooms, packing lunches in between sips of coffee, rushing to get everyone, except for myself, ready. Making the school drop off with hair thrown back, glasses on, wearing sweatpants and Uggs. Yeah, this is more like my normal.

I wish so much that I had it all together...the way so many of my friends seem to do from the outside looking in. Always feeling like I am on top of my mommy and housewife game instead of feeling like there is constant catching up, without actually ever catching up, happening in my life. I wish that I felt like cooking every meal. I wish that I kept my home cleaner. I wish I were a rockstar mommy.

I know you're out there - the perfect housewife and mom who always looks her best, the kids are so on schedule, the house is always clean. I would love to be you. But I am not. I like to sleep as long as possible in the morning. I am creative and scattered and things may look a little cluttered from time to time. I am not a fan of house work, and most days my home reflects this. Although I don't mind cooking, most days I am just throwing something together based on the ingredients found in the pantry, because I definitely did not do any meal planning. I daydream, I watch movies with my kids, we sing and color and play all day long when we are home.

I made a resolution to wake up thirty minutes earlier this year. That lasted a week. Maybe. I want to try to cook and plan for meals better, but I have a daughter living with six, yes SIX different life threatening food allergies for which we carry an epi pen and have had to use epinephrine to save her life in early December 2012, and she is picky on top of that, so most days I just figure out what she will eat, and that is what we go with, and her list of "go-to" foods is rather short.

Nothing is what I would picture it to be in my head. Most days I feel like I am just scraping by. Of course I want some things to change, and as my kids get older and daily and weekly circumstances become different than they are now, that will most likely happen, but for now, here we are. I am not a rockstar mom. Not even close. But I love those two kids more than anything else and I think they're having a good time. I try to protect their innocence at all costs, and teach them to love others unconditionally, just like Jesus loves us. I tell them they are beautiful and handsome and that they deserve the absolute best for their lives, because it is true. I speak encouragement and life over them every chance I get. Sometimes I fail. Ok, I fail a lot, but my hope is that they won't remember the failures. That they will remember the fun they had and grow up knowing who they are, not caring to conform to the world's standards, or compromise themselves in any way, because of what they learned in this home, from our family, and what they see in me as their mommy.

Do you have things you wish you could change about your daily life? About parenting styles? Have you come to realize it is what it is, and are embracing the mess and the clutter?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Totally hear you on ALL this! I feel like I am constantly behind on everything in the house and I never get caught up!

    I was cleaning yesterday and I went through my set of shelves in our room that have piled up with odd ball stuff and Jess was watching me as I take something off the shelves and move it to another pile I have in the room (I have me!). He just laughs at me and I come back (kind of in a snappy manner) Hey! Why would I put it back on the shelves if that is not where it goes? I still have to clean this pile so I am putting it here and I will get to it when I do this pile. He then says with a smile, I didn't say anything. :)

    I agree completely about the kids. I pray that I am raising them to be Christ loving children who love everyone around them since I wasn't brought up that way. I want them to have such a bond that they stick up for eachother no matter what! And like you, I fail A LOT but also pray that they won't remember the failures on my part.

    You are a great mommy and I think you are doing a wonderful job! :)

  2. I love that I'm not the only one with piles. :) Chip has a hard time with it, but he loves me, so it works out.
    I know you are doing an amazing job! Showing them Jesus is the very best we can do.