Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hiking the Rock

This morning, after an amazing night at Thrive Church, we went to meet some friends to hike the Rock of Castle Rock. It was my first time hiking it. Chip, Asher, and Matt and Talen all went last weekend, so this weekend they decided to bring all of us girls along. Amery did so well...she is such the independent little thing. She wanted to climb around all by herself. Asher and Talen were ALL over the place. They were climbing high and low, and doing a great job. The girls were pretending to dig for diamonds, and the boys were finding all sorts of cool rocks and animal remains. One time I even put my hand in my hoodie pocket and THOUGHT I had a rock in it from one of my kids. Well, instead of pulling out a rock, I pulled out a BAT SKULL! I threw it on the ground and probably squealed a little. Asher put it there because he wanted to bring it home, haha! He didn't bring it home. 
I love living in Colorado for so many reasons. Its so gorgeous here, the culture and people are awesome, its such an active place to live...we get to snowboard on some of the most amazing terrain in the country in the winter, ride our bikes on the endless trails, hike beautiful is pretty much the most perfect place to raise a family. LOVE it...everything about it. 

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